Peei-a-Boo Adventure Draw! Adventure Draw!

Adventure Draw is an interactive

coloring book

that engages kids through coloring, but also reading, writing and storytelling. It's not just a coloring book, it's a creativity book! Take a look

"Sofia loved it! She colored and made up her own stories. I caught her talking to herself playing out the characters. I love to sneak in learning while having fun – super cool coloring book!"
- Michael Holzer MD
Sean-Patrick Karshis - Author
Sean-Patrick Karshis, living in Miami Florida, began to sketch his own characters and storylines with the dream to encourage a more interactive approach to storytelling, drawing, and coloring. With his daughter always by his side, he produced his first children’s coloring book, AdventureDraw; a book dedicated to creative minds of all ages.
Coloring Book - Adventure Draw Sneak Peak

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Great for ages 6+

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Events and Presentations Local Elementary School - Grades Pre K - 4th are a perfect fit
Sean's presentation walks kids through what it is to be an author and illustrator, and in vein with the book he uses an easel and oversized paper to have the kids write and draw their own adventure in a collaborative fun event for all.
Sean has presented to groups of 5 to 200 for 15 to 60
minutes - he is available upon request.
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